Finance Services

We create financial dashboards so everyone can understand all aspects of the business.

You can’t run your business on historical financial statements, so we create forward-looking financial dashboards for you.

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Benefits we offer our clients

Optimize Sales

Knowing which customer that walks through the door is your "Break-Even Customer" is vital to planning. It also keeps you focused on knowing your sales, cost of sales and expenses.

Optimize Labor Efficiency

Knowing your labor efficiency, headcount forecasts and employee contribution margin is crucial to decision making. Achieve higher labor efficiency while staying labor law compliant.

Understand Expenses in Detail

Understanding the relationship between expenses, goals and benchmarks tells you which expenses to increase and which to decrease.

Optimize Your Membership Mix

For our gym, massage therapy and medical clients we determine the membership mix required to hit revenue targets. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to direct marketing and sales teams towards the most profitable customer type.

Run & analyze Your business from​ financial dashboards, not financial statements.

Looking at weeks-old financial statements to make decisions is problematic. We create Financial and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards for you based on your accounting and POS activity. Your personalized dashboard makes it easy for management to quickly understand what's happening so quicker, more relevant decisions can be made.

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