Executive Search

Legal and CPA executive search services

We're a team of CPAs and attorneys so we understand practice areas and the inner-workings of firms.

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Over 30 Years of Experience

We've worked closely with attorneys and CPAs for over 30 years. Our experience makes us a top executive search firm because we understand the job and have the relationships. Placing you at your next firm is only a call away for us.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are DEI owned-and-operated. We've experienced the threat of termination just for being diverse, so we understand the challenges. We bring people together in an inclusive environment that fosters advancement. Let us help you meet your DEI goals.
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Inclusive Talent Acquisition

We develop and implement an inclusive recruitment operation to attract and hire diverse candidates, ensuring a fair and equitable hiring process.

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Diversity Audits and Assessments

We conduct an internal audit to evaluate and report on the current state of diversity and inclusion within your organization, identifying areas for improvement.

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Policy Development and Implementation

We assist in revising your company policies to promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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Training and Support

Develop and deliver tailored training programs on topics like unconscious bias and inclusive leadership to foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

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