We will change your business. It will change your life.

Our professional services team utilizes its expertise to change you and your business. Our 18 years of experience in public accounting and consulting enable us to solve critical business problems. Other consultants just have opinions. Sloan has solutions that produce success.



Know your accounting is right

Accounting is difficult to get right. When it's not right you have no idea how your business is doing. Focus on what you went into business to do, leave the accounting to us.



Know you're compliant

A company in California is 42% more likely to get sued for employment law issues versus other states. Get California Labor Law Compliant and stop losing hard-earned profits on employment-related issues.



Know your numbers

Understanding financial statements is difficult. We create personalized Key Performance Indicator Dashboards that make your financial position easy to understand.



Know how to grow

Growing profits, improving efficiency and knowing how to properly adapt to competition are all dreams of business owners. We implement strategies that allow you to achieve these things.