Smarter business pays for itself ...

Our professional services team utilizes its expertise so your operations are smooth and more profitable. Our years of experience in public accounting means we know how to handle critical business issues. Most consultants have opinions. Success involves hiring a consultant that has solutions.



Know your accounting is right

Accounting is difficult to get right. If it's not right, then you have no real idea of how your business is doing. Focus on what you went into business to do, leave the accounting to us.



Know you're compliant

A company in California is 42% more likely to get sued for employment law issues versus other states. Get California Labor Law Compliant and stop losing hard-earned profits on employment-related issues.



Know your numbers

Understanding financial statements is difficult and they're historical. We create Key Performance Indicator Dashboards so that you have key financial determiners at your fingertips, they're easy to understand and they're actionable.



Know how to properly grow

Wanting to grow profits, improve efficiency so you work smarter and not harder and beating the competition are the dreams of every owner. Knowing how to pull these three things off is difficult. We put professionals on your team to make these things happen.



Outsourced human resources

Employment laws change quarterly: statutory law and case law changes. Workplace lawsuits are on the rise and the average small business settlement is $125,000 before attorney fees. Outsource your HR functions and get it right.



Budgets that are reliable

If you don't know your cash flow in 60-days, then you're not managing your business properly. Stop guessing with budgeting or your financial position. We create budgets that produce cash flow projections that are dependable so sound decision making can happen. 



Human capital valuations

Not having the right people in the right positions is costly. The most common thing that stops growth is a mix of the wrong talent. We make sure you have the right human capital in place.