Business Insights that will Help You Run Your Business

Accounting Bites

Accounting has so many nuances that it's impossible to have all the answers. Insights gives your accountant a credible resource to get answers to pressing problems. 

Corporate Finance Iotas

Struggling to understand financial reports before making informed decisions is frustrating. Insights helps our clients gain knowledge that helps the CEO act like a CFO.

Operations Tidbits

Creating & maintaining optimal efficient operations is difficult. Utilizing smart technology to help reduces errors and costs. Sloan's insights helps clients better streamline operations.

Human Resources Pokers

Getting quick answers to tough HRH situations is essential to keep the gears turning. Insights gives clients a repository full of answers to everyday employee situations.

The Insights Portal for Retained Clients


Accounting Guidance

Having a quick reference to the rules that govern the structure of your accounting saves you a lot of time. Insights puts your key terms, methodology and rules into one place for both accountants and senior managers to access.  

Know the Controls to Maintain

Accounting controls keep you out of trouble and it provides the business a barrier to common abuses. Insights helps you understand controls, why they're there, and it's a reminder of how they're structured because you may not want to ask the accountant directly.


Finance Terminology

Finance terminology can confuse even the best of us. When you've explained financial targets and a new methodology to managers, it's easy for them to forget key terms. Insights helps them get answers to questions they're afraid to ask. It helps keep everyone on the same page.

What Ratio and Why

Identifying and monitoring your business's financial ratios is very important. Remembering the key drivers of each ratio is hard at times. Insights is the quick resource for the senior manager that are improving the business through financial analysis. It's both a quick guide and a detailed research for those that want to delve deeper into the meaning behind financial ratios.


Credible Resources

It's shocking how few credible resources there are available to owners and senior managers. It's also alarming how often the wrong information is on law-firm websites. Our goal since 2004 has been to provide a credible, vetted HR resource for our clients to have at their fingertips. Insights is that credible resource for the most common quick answers you need to run your business.

Labor Law Changes

You need to focus on running your business and not on spending enormous amounts of time researching the changes in employment law. Sloan will guide your company in the right direction and implement policies that will reinforce best-business practices. Insights will serve as your reference guide when you'd like to read court cases and administrative decisions for yourself. It helps you, the owner or senior manager, retain the reasons behind the rules that Sloan is implementing in your business.


Your Technology

Digitizing operations without getting "app overload" increases employee use and operational efficiency. You want your people to have a knowledge base at their fingertips to get quick answers without tying up management. Insights is a catalogue of quick answers to questions about the technology you use.

Process References

Spending countless hours developing a process that works without support documents to guide the implementation is risky. Insights has all the reference materials needed to help your managers remember essential plans and processes so they stay on track. Every process Sloan implements in your business will have reference materials within Insights to maximize the success of your new strategies.