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Get California Labor Law Compliant

Know Employment Laws

Employment laws change quarterly. The proper process a month ago can suddenly change without you knowing it as the result of a court ruling. We spend an entire day once per month with our alliance employment-law firm, Sheppard Mullin. We stay on top of changes so our clients don't have to.

Legal Policies & Procedures

Employment laws and court rulings make it a necessity to have comprehensive, legally compliant policies and procedures. From bringing your own device policies, to ensuring meal breaks are properly managed, you must have a labor-law compliant manual.

Ensure Compliance

Getting your annual California Labor Law Compliance Certification means your company is aggressive in maintaining compliance with applicable labor law requirements. We complete a complete HR audit and verify proper procedures are in place before giving the certification.

Get Ahead of Wage Claims

Unfair wage claims and unsafe workplace complaints are nothing to take lightly. We will fix the areas of non compliance and keep the business on the right track.

Comply with IRS Requirements

Although understanding what is required by the IRS for new hires is straightforward, explaining things properly and in a legal manner to employees can be a challenge. We know the rules. Let us handle it.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

From using expired new hire documents to proper timing, we keep you in good standing with your I-9 U.S Citizenship and Immigration requirements.

Survive Compliance Audits

Getting ahead of the EDD by ensuring compliance is a great idea. We review record keeping, payroll calculation, exempt vs. non-exempt employee and leave procedures to ensure compliance. We've been through many audits so we know what needs to be done.