We Make Financial Information Understandable & Actionable

The problem with trying to make business decisions based on financial statements is: they're difficult to interpret, they're hard to understand and they're always based on past information. We turn financial statements into easy to understand visualizations that break down key drivers of your business into their own analysis. This makes the information actionable. Further, the data is not based on just your historical financial information: it incorporates the budget, forecast, scheduling, marketing and POS. Your personalized KPI Dashboard puts you in the captain's chair again.



Reveal trends

Your Revenue KPI Section will analyze revenue in several different ways that reveal trends with customers, weather and seasonality. 



Payroll inefficiencies

Knowing what employees are costing too much vs. their contribution to the business is crucial to decision-making. Your payroll will be broken down into many pieces that reveal elements that should be analyzed.



Where's your money going

Understanding the relationship between expenses and sales compared to benchmarks allows you to know what expenses to change.



Know your sales vs. COS

Knowing how many customers it takes to walk through your door to break-even is vital to planning. It also gives you a mental awareness that makes you feel good about your business.



Exactly what is it costing

Whether you're a production company (Cost of Sales) or a restaurant (Cost of Goods Sold) business, you must at-all-times manage the cost of your sales. We will reveal how costs are affected by changes in activities within the business.



Is your hard work worth it

If you don't have confidence in the Gross Profit amount that your accounting system is giving you, then we need to talk. If you don't know your Gross Profit, then you don't know if all the hard work is worth it. Your KPI Profit Section will reveal the hard truth about your business and cause real change to happen.



When can you buy assets

Having a 3-to-6 month Financial Position Projection tells you when you can purchase much-needed assets, pay dividends to owners and hire that new key person. We determine your daily, weekly or monthly Financial Position: however frequently you need it to make smart business decisions.



Manage expectations

Financial If you don't know your cash flow in the next 60-days, then you're not managing your business properly. Stop guessing! We create budgets and projections that are dependable so that sound decision-making can happen.