We make Financial Information Understandable and Actionable with

Key Performance Indicators

Monitor the Pulse of Your Business

We create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard for you. Your personalized KPI Dashboard makes it easy for all managers to quickly understand what's happening so quick decisions can be made.

Dissect Your Payroll

Knowing what employee classes are costing too much vs. their contribution margin is crucial to decision making. We break labor costs into many pieces that reveal elements that must be analyzed.

Understand Expenses in Detail

Understanding the relationship between expenses, goals and  benchmarks tells you which expenses to increase and which to decrease.

Know Your Break-Even Point

Knowing which customer that walks through the door is your "Break-Even Customer" is vital to planning. It also keeps you focused on knowing exactly sales, cost of sales and expenses.

Manage Expectations

If you don't know your cash position in 180-days, then you're not budgeting properly. Stop guessing! We create budgets and projections that are reliable so you have confidence when making asset purchases.