• We Get Your Accounting Accurate Because

    Financials are Meant to Be Analyzed

Get Capital Investments

Financial Statements many times need a Review for a potential investor or a loan. Our CPAs can complete a Review of your Financial Statements for banks and investors.

Meet the Professional Standard

GAAP is the standard worth following because it ensures an accounting methodology that is consistent and sound. Further, banks and investors will require it when deciding whether or not to inject capital into your business.

Access from Anywhere

Gone are the days of your accounting being chained to the chair at the office. QuickBooks Online is terrible for any business larger than a startup. The Sloan Accounting Cloud will put give you QuickBooks Enterprise with advanced analytics so we get the real time analysis you need. 

We Get Your Accounting Right

Accounting is difficult to keep right. When it's not, you have no idea how your business is doing. Relying only POS monitoring is foolish. Therefore, we make accounting a first priority so you know how the business is doing.

Compliant Payroll

Spending money on ADP or Paychex is truly a waste of money. Our team ensures every payroll accurately contains the nine mandatory requirements, meal break pay for commissioned employees, and regular, premium, double time, sick, vacation, commission, bonus, overtime, reporting time, waiting time and piece rate types of pay.

IRS Tax Advocates

It's easy to get behind. We will handle your issues with the IRS, get you on payment plans, get waivers where possible and get your business back on track. We promise you will sleep better with Sloan handling your IRS issues.

Painless Payroll Audits

Audits happen. It's just part of doing business in California. We represent you to the EDD and manage the audit process for you.